TheNetImp (thenetimp) wrote in i_love_math,

i suck at math.....

Hi Guys/Gals... Uh, I'm a programmer who needs an equation to do something, but is unsure where to get the information about it.

Lets say we have a picture in 2 sizes the same aspect ratio. 4x6 one of these images is 4000x6000 pixes but the other is 400x600. I want to be to take an X/Y cordinate on the 400x600 pixel image and find the same point on the 4000x6000 pixel image. Basically what this is for is I want to create a cropping tool in Laszlo (a web technologies using flashplayer) to crop the 4000x6000 image, but I want to display a smaller version in the web browser.

Appreciate the help.
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